Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021

President Trump defended postmaster general Louis DeJoy against claims that the steps he has taken are causing delays in mail-in voting. “The steps he is taking are trying to stop the tremendous losses that have taken place for many, many years. He’s trying to streamline the post office and make it great again,” Mr. Trump said Saturday.

5 thoughts on “Trump says postmaster general is trying to make Postal Service “great again””
  1. It’s still a federal crime to misuse vandalize deface or use for any other means or use than deemed for ,that’s you’re mailbox outside of your house ,your personal and legal or otherwise private mail is almost sacred according to federal law…okay that truth be known…Go Ahead ..DeJoy enjoy you’re time in the sun…cretin reptile, Congress will find a rock to place you back under…one wrong move ,snap goes your neck ,,you snake..

  2. Just look up the info on what he’s saying…. mail-in voting has a HUGE downside. The left wants to add to that with, no signature/name verification, not to mention no id at all?? What is the left playing at exactly? Sounds wreckless at best and treacherous at worst!! He’s telling the truth America! Trump 2020

  3. Are we supposed to believe that a single piece of mail would create a problem the USPS can’t deal with when they are accustomed to seasonal uprises like Christmas without fail? C’mon Americans let’s not be foolish. We are smarter than this. This shouldn’t even be an issue in the year 2020. 🤦🏽‍♂️

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