Sun. Oct 24th, 2021

With 100 days before the 2020 election, President Trump is behind former Vice President Joe Biden by 10 points in a new CBS News Battleground Tracker poll. CBS News White House correspondent Paula Reid joins CBSN’s Laura Podesta to discuss how hyper-partisanship factors into the electorate and Congress’ efforts to pass a new coronavirus relief package.

5 thoughts on “Trump trails Biden in latest CBS News Battleground Tracker poll”
  1. Anyone that Votes Biden is not and I repeat is not an American where we are one nation under God. These democrats and the fake news media have dome nothing but lie, cheat and cause problems since day one. They support the things that are against God yet people that call themselves Christians support them so they better check their faith as that is not a christian when you support a group that goes against God himself. Joe Biden has not been under any investigation when he has been accused of sexually Assaulting his co worker by penetrating her, ask yourself if you would be let off that easy by just saying I did not do it. Evil has got a grip on this country and a civil war I guess is what it is going to take. Why does the media not want to report Biden issues and why do they not want to report lie after lie and misconstrued truth. God said these times would come that many would be deceived and that is what is happening today. America needs to wake up and face the facts. They even have the black communities and people fooled as the Democrats have a long history of Racism, ask yourself if you are Black why you would want to put into power a party that keeps you down and discriminates against you continually. They fight against civil rights , they are the ones that take the money from Black lives matter and you can look that up along with everything i am saying. Joe Blow Biden millions Received, Bernie Sanders millions Received, Elizabeth Warren millions Received and the list goes on and no blacks in it, just white Democrats taking from and using all of you. Look through history and you will see that the democrats when creating and voting in planned parenthood it was to try and end the black race in America they wanted to abort Black babies and you can see on the net the interview that the creator a democrat had and what she said her name is Margaret Sanger. You people wonder why America is failing yet you can not open your eyes and see that it is the demonic Democrats. This is end times folks and they are really at it and instead of you folks trying to fight against the wrong and the things that are against God you follow them. That is one reason God said many would be deceived yet some do not believe. I really do not believe how the American people can not see what they are doing. Its one of two things either your really brainwashed or Just do not want to change because you are afraid what someone might say if you do. Its okay to change that means you woke up to all the evil that is within that party. That is exactly what happened to me as I am still registered Democrat and have been my whole life just like my father whom was nothing but Democrat and fought really hard for them. I have not been able to change my party yet do to the virus, up until about a year or so ago I never thought about changing because I was just following and not actually looking at what they stand for but I started praying after I started looking and doing research and I ask God to show me, he did not say to me change to Republican he just let me see by searching what they stood for and got me thinking about the things that he is against and it is there in the bible in Scripture and I found out then that what the democrats support is against God himself. Then It came to me and I assume God putting on my mind to check what Democrat stands for and he led me to split the word like this DEMO and CRAT so I was looking and it popped up on my computer DEMO meaning DIABLO or DEMON in Latin and CRAT meaning POWER. In Greek. Then I understood why they support things that are against GOD . I guess it was time to show me the truth as God says ask and ye shall receive , search and ye shall find. God bless and love you all regardless of your opinions and what road you may go down. God loves you also regardless and i pray that your eyes to may be opened.

  2. He is a “Racist” & “Dumb” liar as well. We’re in danger now. Don’t be fooled. For your future. Pls only vote Joe Biden on November.

  3. Of course I believe the people will vote for a out of touch senile sexual predator that has been milking the government since he was 29 years old, they hate Trump.

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