Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021

Check out this Media Matters montage exposing Fox News hypocrisy. John Iadarola and Jayar Jackson break it down on The Damage Report. Follow The Damage Report on Facebook:

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“In a tweet this morning, President Donald Trump suggested delaying the upcoming presidential election in November, which polls currently show he is likely to lose. His campaign and conservative pundits have previously called the idea that he would delay the election a conspiracy theory.

Fox News were particularly aghast at people — especially presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden — who previously suggested that Trump would attempt to delay the election.”

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10 thoughts on “Trump Tweet Sends Fox News SCRAMBLING”
    1. @M6LHL Jason, btw, I will die if infected. I live in a rural area of a red state where a newspaper poll found 75% of people say that nothing will convince them to wear a mask and half of mask wearers don’t wear them correctly. Should I have to risk my life to vote?

      For your information – The Republicans running my state have specifically declared fear of infection an invalid reason for absentee voting.

    2. @M6LHL Jason, explain your claimed differences between absentee ballots and mail-in ballots. Because there is NONE. I don’t know what your conception of mail-in voting is but I suspect that it’s the insane false narrative that Cheeto Mussolini is peddling to the weak-minded.

    3. I’m not American. This reaction is what trump wanted, you all talking about mass postal voting. Trump said absentee is good which is still postal but that has more secure steps unlike just pure mass postal like junk mail. People are picking fault like so schools are safe to open but we can’t vote. That’s the point, you don’t need mass postal. If you can shop, work and protest then you can vote in a booth. Notice public health is of no concern with the blm protests while it’s working for the blue and holding free speach and right to peaceful assembly, but those that protested lockdown were painted as killers spreading rona. Hypocrisy.

    4. @Johanna Hidalgo you’ve read the book? I haven’t finished i, but my thoughts have been confirmed. His father was a psychopath and he’s a narcissistic fascist, sounds just like Hitler and with all the things he’s been doing to dismantle our government. He’s been spitting on the Constitution

  1. Be careful with mail-in voting though. Trump is saying that it will be crooked which means that he will do everything possible to not have certain votes counted. He’s projecting!

  2. Same reason that CNN and MSNBC hid Bernie from the people. No one in the MSM cares about regular citizens because their paycheck depends on it. Still voting Green, good luck with whichever volume of shit you want in your bowl.

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