Sat. Mar 6th, 2021

In their first update since he entered Walter Reed hospital on Friday evening, President Trump’s doctors appeared in masks and white coats to share his status – saying he is being closely monitored, but they are extremely happy with his progress.

US President Donald Trump is “very well” after spending his first night in a hospital where he is being treated after testing positive for coronavirus.

His personal doctor Dr Sean Conley said he was not on extra oxygen for now and had been fever-free for 24 hours.

However, conflicting reports have emerged suggesting concern over Mr Trump’s health, the time he was diagnosed or whether he was on oxygen.

In exactly one month, Mr Trump faces Joe Biden in the presidential election.

The positive diagnosis, made public in a tweet on Friday, has upended his campaign and also cast doubt on his attempt to get a new Supreme Court judge confirmed before polling day.

The president is expected to remain at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center close to Washington DC for several days. Dr Conley said he was “cautiously optimistic” about his condition but that he could not give a timetable for his discharge.

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5 thoughts on “Trump’s medical team gives an update – BBC News”
  1. I will openly say………

    No one, and I do mean no one gives a flying F**k about trump!

    As far as leaders go!
    Utter shite!

    Who exposes restrictions to the general public but then gets Covid himself!!!!!!!!!?

    I laugh at this!

    It just demonstrates how much dedication he has ensuring that the “people” of Murica are “safe” out there in these hard times!

    Every man for himself!
    Feel free to indulge in violence and end each other and do the world a favour lol!

    I now there are the minority that disagree…
    That’s all that’s in the news…

    If you want change to how your represented then a revolution is my name!

    The system fails on so many levels it’s unreal!
    I’m laughing at my own system because it can be flattened by the human rights law! Lol

  2. I don’t know why I find this hilarious, not the part where Trump got COVID, but that the Liberals are “mad” that Trump got it and went around spreading it. 🤣🤣 He doesn’t care who gets it or if he spreads it. He is Trump, and he will win a second term, deal with it Liberals.

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