UK job losses soar with younger workers hardest hit – BBC News

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic has led to the highest levels of unemployment in the UK for more than 3 years.

The Office for National Statistics says the rate increased to 4.5 per cent between June and August, with younger workers hardest hit.

The introduction of new tough restrictions as infection rates rise is likely to bring more hardship.

Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reporting by economics editor Faisal Islam.

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  1. And there they are “globalists “ housing illegals! Everyone wake up already to the nwo agenda! It’s getting more obvious and more sinister and more orchestrated!

  2. This is all b@llocks. Covid aint a 100% killer only 0.5%. Why not follow the swedes?? Without lockdown they are still alive and without destroying their economy deliberately.

  3. here BBC won’t blame Prime Minister for the Job loss but for the US they’ll blame Trump for the downfall of the economy…
    Here no mention of PM at all..
    What a journalism…. What a bias….
    Hate you BBC #FakeNews

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