UK PM Boris Johnson takes first PMQs after the summer recess | LIVE

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  1. Why couldn’t the government organise things so exams could take place as in other countries? The UK decided very early not to let them take place. And yet since then the PM and his government have so often gone on about how school is so important.

    I live and work in (a school in) Germany. We closed down on 13 March (in my state). Return to school was delayed beyond Easter but the Abitur (final exam enabling university entrance) took place in all states in a normal form. Marking normall is done by 3 people (subject teacher + 2 unknown external ones). This was reduced to subject teacher and one other teacher at the same school. No serious backtracking the massive need for remarking has occurred.

    In short, bad decisions were made from the start Mr Prime Minister. What a surprise!

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