Wed. Feb 24th, 2021

Researchers have found that children with coronavirus infection may display a very wide range of symptoms. People can request a test if they have a new continuous cough, fever or loss of taste or smell, but research by Queen’s University Belfast found that diarrhoea and vomiting were more common symptoms in children with Covid-19. And preliminary findings by King’s College London are that skin rashes, headaches and fatigue are among other signs that could indicate infection. Our medical editor Fergus Walsh reports.

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5 thoughts on “Uncertainty over main Covid-19 symptoms in children- BBC News”
  1. So watch out for symptoms of everything basically – kinda strange this is only reported now right before the schools re-open – Not convinced the BBC can even be trusted with the weather and footy scores at this point. Feel very sorry for parents in this situation – Seek advice elsewhere – The BBC / Sly news are not trustworthy, neither are the rest of the msm . Not really sure who can be trusted at this time , this pandemic has clearly got political threads running through it . Shame on all that exploit this global attack

  2. Enforced removal of human contact. Enforced muzzling & psychological torture. Enforced needle in arm with RNA vaccine. Enforced tracking & tracing. Child abuse. Oh, that’s what the BBC is famous for already!. Enforced LBGT, BAME, Racism, mess with their young heads Marxist/CIA brain washing techniques. Hey teachers leave our kids alone. Robert Mueller, U.N. designing the World Education Curriculum along the lines of the Arcane Schools from Lucifer Publishing, now Lucis Trust, who have NGO status at U.N. and on the spiritual Caucas that has it’s fingers in the World Health Organisation and World Economic Forum, the very people that ran Event 201 a Pandemic Exercise right before it all kicked off. The World Economic Forum were ready in the wings to use this engineered Fauci virus to kick start their Great Reset, 4th Industrial Revolution, New Green Deal, Agenda 21, New World Order. The World Economy was collapsing in Sep 2019. Oh what a MASSIVE coincidence this all is!!!

  3. Main symptom of covid19,.. ..breathing. Every beggar has it but nobody knows they do. That’ll b the micky mouse test looking for genetic material then.

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