Mon. Mar 1st, 2021

All eyes are on the US election and many people will look to the polls to see who’s likely to win. But polling companies suffered a shock in 2016 when they didn’t foresee Donald Trump beating Hillary Clinton. Did the pollsters get it all wrong?

BBC Reality Check considers whether you can trust election polls to predict the next US president.

Motion Graphics by Jacqueline Galvin

Produced by Jake Horton and Soraya Auer

Narrated by Marianna Brady

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6 thoughts on “US Election 2020: Can you trust the polls? – BBC News”
  1. Can we trust that the bbc when they fail to report on the Julian Assange trial that has been going on in London . In effect the trial of the century ?

  2. Don’t trust the UK government stats on covid cases they just doubled them up on today Sundays numbers because of a technical issue. They’ve added un collected cases from the 24th of Sept to the 1st of October. At least they could cook the deaths though they dropped to forty nine With! Covid. The MSN made it sound like the cases had doubled overnight.

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