Wed. Apr 21st, 2021

The polls suggested a landslide for Democratic candidate Joe Biden – but President Donald Trump has outperformed pollsters’ predictions. Why were the polls wrong again in the US election? Please subscribe here:

A historic vote in terms of turnout, President Donald Trump has done better in the 2020 US election than 2016 – he’s polled more votes and increased his vote share.

Democratic nominee Joe Biden has topped 70 million votes, the largest of any candidate in electoral US history.

Who has Trump newly appealed to this time round? And who has given their support to Joe Biden?

Newsnight’s Diplomatic Editor Mark Urban looks at the breakdown of voters in the US presidential election.

Just as pollsters got it wrong about Hillary Clinton in 2016, why were the polls wrong this time round again?

Emily Maitlis is joined by Republican pollster Frank Lunz and editor at large for the Daily Beast Goldie Taylor.

5 thoughts on “US election: Why were the polls wrong? – BBC Newsnight”
  1. Maybe because the polls told Democrats their side would win in a spectacular landslide, many felt it won’t matter much if they stayed away, Trump fired up his voters with messages that the polls were junk and to get out and prove them wrong.

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