Wed. Apr 21st, 2021

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has urged Turkey to engage in dialogue and take no more actions to increase tensions with Greece in the Eastern Mediterranean.


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3 thoughts on “US urges Turkey to back diplomacy amid mounting tensions with Greece in Mediterranean”
  1. People who thinks that this a matter of supporting Greeks national stance, are day dreamers. 362 Billion euros debt and high risk of bankruptcy, means trouble for Bankers or financials who do not care about cultural relationships or patriotism. Comparing economically ranked 17.Turkey and ranked 51.Greece with no industry and production is an other mistake. Moreover, expecting any good will from EU is none-sense since Greece had extremely harmed the union. Brexit is already know as one of side-effect caused by Greece crisis in EU.
    Wake up Greece. You should stand and stop your politicians or media who use your national values just to cover up forthcoming storm.

  2. Brothers and sister of Europe! Remember our heritage! Remember who you are ! Our people went to every comer of the globe and looked death in the mouth and told it to #$$& OFF. Our people have crossed mountains, lava flows and Iced oceans. Look in the mirror and see the power of our people! Respect pour couture’s and histories embrace our tradions. More importantly then any of that if you see our people in need stand beside them and Hoist them up. Raise the banners!

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