Mon. May 17th, 2021

Vote counting continues in a handful of key battleground states which will determine the outcome of the US presidential election
The final result hinges on the states of Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania
The Trump campaign has launched legal bids to stop the counts in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia and Michigan
Protesters have taken to the streets of several cities to demand counting is allowed to continue, while others have called for counting to stop
Donald Trump has alleged fraud, without offering evidence
Democrat Joe Biden has racked up a record 71.5 million votes and has said he will win enough states to become president – but key results remain outstanding
Mr Trump is so far projected to win 23 states, including Texas, Ohio and Florida, having outperformed pollsters’ predictions
Overall turnout is projected to be the highest in 120 years at 66.9%, and we might not have a result for days

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