Thu. May 13th, 2021

Almost 200 health workers have died of Covid-19 in Venezuela since the pandemic began in March. The country has had at least sixty-eight-thousand cases and over five hundred and sixty deaths.

The BBC has been hearing from health workers across the country who say that they’ve had to work without masks or gloves for weeks and are also afraid of dying of the virus at their place of work. And to complicate things even more, those who complain are being arrested or forced back to work.

The BBC’s Vladimir Hernandez reports.

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5 thoughts on “Venezuela: ‘Forced to work’ as medics fighting Covid – BBC News”
  1. Now one million deaths turns out…what a utter load of bullshit…top too bottom this scam is getting more and more obscene by the day…now police can knock on your day too see if your self isolating😄..never i have heard and read so much bollocks in my life about all of this…people behind this want society crippled too rebuild it in a draconian way…well fuck that…id rather be dead in fact than live as a slave…virus has never existed…vaccine is for tracking like social distancing in practice…nhs app for tracking movement only…what a horrible act of cruelty has been dumped on peoples lives

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