Mon. Apr 19th, 2021

A 29-year-old Black man is fighting for his life and two White police officers are on administrative leave after a disturbing video showed officers shoot unarmed Jacob Blake multiple times in the back. CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and Omar Jimenez report.

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5 thoughts on “Video shows police shoot Jacob Blake, an unarmed Black man, in the back”
  1. The officer Shouted “DROP THE KNIFE” repetitively… why would they just show the guy getting shot with 0 context of why it happened. Hell, the banner completely covers up Blake handling the knife. Granted, I don’t think shooting him seven times was necessary when a taser would’ve worked but, I’m not walking in that cop’s shoes. He made a judgement call after several warnings for Blake to drop the knife that ended badly. People are shouting out to disband or defund the police, if anything we should increase founding for police nationwide for improved situational training and body cams to keep themselves prepared for situations like this as well as to keep them accountable.

  2. I am not minimizing what happened to this man by any means what so ever. Just from watching this video clip.. he did not deserve to be shot in the back! UNLESS the cops saw that he had a gun on his seat! Then it worked be warranted. But what is really pissing me off more & more is the fact that this lawyer has the nerve to say, that they just want to have equal rights when dealing with the police. Ummm don’t walk away from the police when you’re told not to. Don’t get lippy with them when you get pulled over. Do as your told & don’t have an attitude. Certainly do not run from the cops & shoot a tazer at them. And you WILL HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT! I GUARANTEE you if a white man took off running & turned around & shot a tazer & a cop.. he’d get his ass shot at too! I guarantee you if I was pulled over & have the cop attitude &got mouthy with them.. I’d get my ass pulled out & cuffed. It’s the PEOPLE who think they are above the law & can do what ever they want, are the ones who are getting shot! Derek Chauvin deserves to be hung for allowing George Floyd to be killed. But… he was also highly resisting arrest. I despise cops who are trigger happy just as much as the next. But ALL COPS ARE NOT BAD. This cop definitely deserves to be fired. As do all trigger happy cops.. Unless there is proof that the shooting was justified. They ALL have got to go through a hell of a lot more extensive training to prevent any death from occurring. With the exception of when a criminal intentionally assaults a cop or even flinches like he’s about to shoot them. This can all change! But all people.. blacks & whites.. have to come to the realization that all bleed red. We all hurt the same when we lose someone we love! We are ALL creations of God. And I guarantee you, things would change for the better. BUT… there are white thugs & there are black thugs… who don’t NOT want this change. Think about it. They feel they are above the law. They want to fight their opposing gangs, they want to murder, they want to sell drugs! THOSE at the ones who want the police departments defunded in every possible way. THOSE are the P.O.S.’s who busted out all of the windows & caught one on fire in that car lot last night.. who’s faces they didn’t want seen in camera. Why?? Because they KNEW what they were doing was criminal! THOSE are the ones who don’t want to get along. THOSE are the ones creating the drama in our streets today. BLACK AND WHITE THUGS. White thugs get chased & shot at just as much. And those white men deserve it. You wanna be criminal & not obey the law… then you deserve the consequence. White or black! I love all people. Except the ones who believe they are better than us & don’t have to follow the same laws as we do.

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