Fri. Apr 23rd, 2021

Cyprus insists it does not oppose sanctions against Belarus but wants similar measures slapped on Turkey.


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3 thoughts on “We are not against sanctions on Belarus, insists Cyprus FM Nikos Christodoulides”
  1. You have no sovereign rights in our Greek islands, you have not ratified the International Law of the Sea, you have not recognized any of the genocides you have committed and you are only thrashing, propagandizing in order to violate the legal Rights of Greece and Cyprus, arising from the International Law of the Sea (1982). You do not respect world heritage sites, just as you do not respect any people or culture you encroach on. Finally, you have reached the point of using innocent people through illegal immigration to exert geopolitical pressure on the European Union, so how dare you ask for respect or anything else when you respect nothing and no one ..

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