Fri. Apr 23rd, 2021

“We’re going to win this race with a clear majority,” he told a supporters at a drive-in rally.

While he admitted that the vote count was “numbling” at times, each vote represented men and women across the country who had given Biden and running mate Kamala Harris a “mandate for action” on climate change, the coronavirus pandemic, the economy, systemic racism and more.


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3 thoughts on “‘We’re not enemies. We’re Americans’: Joe Biden in call for unity as lead widens”
  1. sudden middle of the night demonrat surge was 🐟. When we can’t trust the integrity of the US election, the world is in a bad place, even worse if globalists prevail!

  2. Biden has been there 47 years and damaged our country. He Leads only AFTER ELECTION OVER with fraud abounding. Nice cheating. I think next election we should leave election votes ongoing fir weeks after election. No post marks. No signatures. No poll watchers. Glitches in software. Ballot harvesters. Yeah. Good one democrats. Way to go to make our elections meaningless.

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