Mon. Mar 1st, 2021

Before an overnight announcement that he and first lady Melania Trump tested positive, President Donald Trump held a rally, a fundraiser and debated Democratic nominee Joe Biden this week.

5 thoughts on “What happened in the days leading up to Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis?”
  1. He criticized Mr Biden for wearing a mask, he even laughed and said that it was the biggest mask he had ever seen. If that wasn’t enough he tried to embarrass and humiliate him by bringing up his son and him having a drug addiction. That was horrible, KARMA IS A B**CH

  2. Bone spurs his family and staff deserve The same concern and respect he gave to the 5 men that took his place in Vietnam. The same , he gave to the 210,000 Americans he killed by his callous incompetence. The same he gave to all Americans who have paid his families taxes for decades. This is a pity party for a wanna be dictator , and he’s throwing it for himself.

  3. So quite possibly Toxictrumpf had the virus and gave it to Hope Hicks, not the other way around. From what I’ve heard the virus needs at least three to four days to rear it’s ugly head. He hasn’t looked well for over a week. The timing is right.

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