Thu. Mar 4th, 2021

From Twitter to Telegram, people in Belarus have been using social media to galvanise their movement.

Here in #TheCube we speak with Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya about internet shutdowns, why social media has been crucial, and what’s next for Belarus.

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5 thoughts on “What is the role of social media in the Belarus protests? | #TheCube”
  1. The internet is down in Belarus again this week and all international corespondents been detained and their coverage has been destroyed. Mr Lukashenka is really desperately trying now to do everything to shut everyone up and cover up the inhuman police brutality that’s been done in past weeks!

  2. To pass information. However. Misinformation leads to speculation which increases the aggravation!! Both sides of an issue. Rarely does this fail to resolve the problem. Truth is a Diamond. Many facets. You see it from your point of view….I see it from my point of view…children see it from there point of view. Your current problem…dummy’s! Is Your elected president or dictator. Has only his point of view. A real democracy such as America is very similar. It’s why elections are so closely monitored. Dummy’s! And since talking him to death isn’t going to work. And they obviously don’t have a Supreme Court to settle the people down…no nothing. It’s just a little country. Buisness goes to stable governments. Good or Bad. He’s a puppet for China. What can you do? Protests don’t topple governments…..bad news in the media doesn’t topple governments. Russian SF topples governments. CIA can topple governments. Natural Disasters can topple governments. When’s the next election? Cause…I don’t see him stepping down. Dummy’s!

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