Fri. May 14th, 2021

Ankara is currently facing off against Greece over oil and gas drilling rights in the eastern Mediterranean.


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8 thoughts on “Why Erdogan won’t start a war with Greece over Mediterranean drilling”
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  2. Does Turkey recognise the greek side of Cyprus??
    200.000 thousand Greek refugees and 46 year’s waiting to return to their home’s Shame on you and the Europeans that are standing next to this criminals
    No Greek should seat and negotiate with this madmen

    1. @Annura Tash Makarios asked the guarantor country’s to intervene. To stop the blood shed amongst the Greeks not to invite and take half of the Island.
      Greek and Turkish Cypriots had no problems
      Concentration camps didn’t exist. Your propaganda its not working try something else!! You are so brainwashed you say anything to cover the crime that is being committed
      Shame on you

    2. Turkish Cypriots forced to live on Concentration camps like small zones for 11 years by Greeks(1963-1974)…. 200k greek cypriot refugee is the price that you paid for your Greed . If greece couldnt try to annex Cyprus illegally , there wouldnt be any Turkish intervention. Your boy Makarios was a clever man , but most of you weren’t

  3. The population of The Turkish Cypriots is 180.000
    The Greek’s are 600.000
    The Greeks offered 25 % of
    the Oils and Gas’s to the Turkish Cypriots and they excepted ,,But it was rejected by main land Turkey
    Turkey said that the Greek Cypriots can return to their home’s only if they converted to Islam This is the 21 century Turkey that wants to join the European Union

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