Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021


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3 thoughts on “200809_NWSU_12820610_12820802_72000_223302_en”
  1. The American State Department went into a tizzy over the situation in Guyana, and went about sanctioning people it didn’t like. The Guyana incumbent employed every legal trick in the book to avoid defeat–high court, low court, international court, recount, election petition, etc.–yet the powers in place stayed within the law (albeit just barely). Mike Pompouseo seems to be perfectly satisfied, however, with Lukashenko’s version of democracy. What’s the difference? Isn’t there any oil in Belarus?

  2. Lukashenko has virtually no support in Belarus. He’s currently using army and police against his own people who according to his own “election committee” voted for him with 80 percent support. When you get 80 percent of the vote, there’s no need for police and army.

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