Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

Coronavirus deaths are on the rise in 30 states as infection rates and hospitalizations in Texas and Florida continue to increase. In addition to health concerns, millions of Americans struggling to pay rent are now facing potential evictions. Michael George reports.

5 thoughts on “30 states see surge in coronavirus deaths”
  1. u GuYs I aM sO ScaReD tO gEt CarOnA LiKe 5 triLlIoN PeOplE haVe iT aHHhhH!!!! Like I don’t care these are all lies the news just tried to scare you

  2. BS! Know can make statistics come out Any Way you want depending on the VARIABLES you use. NOT saying there isn’t a spike, but EVERYONE, both right and left, I check, IS DIFFERENT! Covid19 is NOT a death sentence! I’m nurse of 36years and KNOW THIS! Know this doesn’t fit your narrative, esp. because THIS IS an ELECTION year.

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