Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

Detainees have emerged from a notorious detention centre in Belarus giving horrific details of attacks and beatings during days in custody since Sunday’s widely disputed election.

Amid mounting reports of police brutality, Amnesty International said it indicated “widespread torture”.

As EU foreign ministers prepared to meet to consider new sanctions, Belarus promised to free the 6,700 detainees.

Belarus is seeing a sixth day of protests since its presidential vote.

Alexander Lukashenko was declared the victor by election authorities, but supporters of the main opposition figure, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, insist she won. The EU and US have condemned the election as neither free nor fair.

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7 thoughts on “Belarus election: ‘Widespread torture’ inflicted on jailed protesters – BBC News”
  1. Do you know what is really sad? That the so called sanctions will be diplomatic and economical in nature. Who will be the most affected? All the corrupt leadership is rich and is likely owning money in off shore accounts and high value property bought in Western Europe under a company or private equity name. The same poor and desperate who ask for change will be affected by those “sanctions”.

  2. He (that monster) didn’t win those 80%, not a single bit, he hardly has got 16%, but had stolen VOICES of Belarusians and now he crushes their souls and torturing their bodies! Mothers of Belarus are weeping hearing their sons cries inside the prisons. BELARUSIANS SOULS MATTER, EUROPE!!!!!

  3. revolution. !!! love and support for the protesters there from Bangladesh!! we know first hand when a country succumbs to one party fake democracy!!

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