Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

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3 thoughts on “Belarus protests: thousands of workers march on government building in Minsk”
  1. If the west wins Belarus will be torn to pieces. If Lukashenko stays nothing will change and change is needed. I think Belarussians have a hard road ahead.

  2. Justa a side note:
    Funny how the reporter lady (in red) is talking ca 1:50 about “making her [Svetlana Tihanovska’s] voice heard” and …at the same time Svetlana is muted in the background 🙂
    They could have let her speak at least for just a sentence or two. And that would’ve make her voice heard (a bit) 😉

  3. Instead of complaining take the weapons off them and Annihilate them and their families…If it bleeds it dies or be smited like cowards…Does not matter who gets in goverment they all follow the same script and scam

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