Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021

Thousands of Belarusians living in Poland joined the protests on Saturday,
some of them waving banners with the slogan “Belarusian Life Matters.”


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4 thoughts on “Belarusians in Poland join protests against President Lukashenko”
  1. Another damsel in white as a thumbnail. Just like it has been in Nicaragua, Venezuela, Cuba, now Belarus where damsels in white showed up, typically with flowers, against police violence, of course; but here one can observe a slight modification — instead of a bouquet, a bundle of balloons 🎈. I guess it’s Lukashenko who’s been around for so long, time to swap him for Soros who’s been around for even longer… Wait, what? Please change your coup d’état technologies! The youth is bored to death by your old textbook methods. Also, we are bored by Soros. Please consider changing your wife, dog, biological sex and Soros. He’s too old.

  2. Lukashenko is the only good president u dumb brainswashed inside kids who only look on news without your own reaserch and opinion. uneducated and can also vote sad.

  3. They are not protesters but agents who work against their own country ban them from coming back home treat them as traitors or let them stay in Poland.

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