Mon. Sep 27th, 2021

The devastating aftermath of the explosion in Beirut leads to questions and accusations about powerful chemicals that were stored unsecured for years. The Lebanese community in Canada looks for ways to help. Plus, Ottawa places early orders for COVID-19 vaccines, but not everyone wants to rush out and get one.


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00:00 Latest headlines
01:03 The search for the missing in Beirut
04:27 Ammonium nitrate blamed for the explosion
06:45 Beirut’s port before and after the explosion
07:25 Anger on the streets of Beirut
08:54 Canadians with roots in Lebanon look to help
11:07 Canada sending $5M in humanitarian aid
11:38 Canada signs COVID-19 vaccine deals
13:39 32% of Canadians hesitant to get COVID-19 vaccine
16:45 COVID-19 disrupts U.S. nominating conventions
19:14 Pressure on Ontario to rethink back-to-school
19:48 P.E.I. announces its back-to-school plan
20:15 Racism at Canadian Museum for Human Rights
23:21 No charges in the death of Soleiman Faqiri
26:14 Tropical storm Isaias leaves at least 9 dead
26:42 Heavy rains hit eastern China
27:01 Japan marks 75 years since atomic bomb
28:01 The COVID-19 vaccine in Canada | The Doctors
33:03 Lee Hill | Lives Remembered
35:32 Can Ellen’s brand survive toxic workplace allegations?
38:46 Liverpool, N.S. sinking as sea levels rising
42:58 Bride caught up in Beirut explosion | The Moment

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