Mon. Sep 27th, 2021

CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta reports on the Covid-19 vaccine being developed by the biotechnology company Moderna, in partnership with the National Institutes of Health, that has been found to induce immune responses in all of the volunteers who received it in a Phase 1 study.
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5 thoughts on “Covid-19 vaccine shows ‘promising’ immune response results”
  1. I would not really on sange guppityyy remember he got slaped by so many people even putin once made him look like shit when he meet with him. Now that was funny fake ass doctor

  2. This is the plan for the Elites to destabilize the country and usher in Agenda 21. They’ve already killed countless of small to medium sized businesses using this fake pandemic essentially accounting virtually every death with flu like symptoms as Covid 19. Japan, Tawian, Sweden, etc have the least amount of deaths but it isnt a coincidence if you know that these are the same Globalist that have lied time and time again to the American citizens inorder to control the masses using fear tactics and MSM clowns like these fools to fool the public. The sheeps of this country believe everything they see on TV or the internet. They use politics to keep the great people of this country divided which in return makes the people more easier to conquer. These talking heads just read a teleprompter and have no integrity or morals. Have you ask yourself, why haven’t there been any spikes in the military, police or even these scumbag politicians? This scamdemic will go down as the biggest scam the Elites easily perpetrated on the people of this country. Fyi do you really belive if there was an unstoppable deadly virus that by wearing a face mask would some how contain the spreading? Wake up great people and unite as one becasue the only way tyranny prevails is when the masses are divided. Do your research and due diligence about Fauci connection to the Gates Foundation plus the harmful effects that facemasks inflict when your breathing in your own carbon monoxide. Stay strong and unite great people because theres more of us then there are of them!

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