Mon. Sep 27th, 2021

After Hannah shared a photo of a crowded hallway at North Paulding High School in Georgia, the school faced national criticism. Then, after Covid-19 cases emerged among students and staff, the school was temporarily closed. Now, parents are facing the tough decision of choosing between in-person or distance learning when the school re-opens.

The BBC spoke to students and a parent from the school about the district’s decision.

Produced by Cody Godwin, Larry Madowo and Sarah Fountain

Edited by Angélica Casas and Tristan Cimini

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6 thoughts on “Crowded US school: ‘We walked into a dangerous situation’ – BBC News”
  1. This young lady just SAVED HUNDREDS OF LIVES. PERIOD! These adults and politicians don’t give a FUCK about you or your children. Kids got to look out for themselves. THis is sad.

  2. Does the media… the CDC and health officials and the policy makers state and federal realize the damage that has been done to the mental well being of an already fearful society. The suffering of the world is largely due to the idea of separation… ie I am not my brothers keeper… this covid and the phys job that had been done has pushed the idea of separation right to the wall… we are at the precipice of calamity and it will be fostered by those socialists idealists who want to smash the world…

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