Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

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➡️ Belarus election protests: Lukashenko landslide victory sparks widespread demonstrations
➡️ Lebanon donor conference: Macron urges speedy global response to Beirut disaster
➡️ Italy’s migrant flights: Repatriation of Tunisian migrants resumes after suspension during lockdown
➡️ Church during Covid-19: Congregations turn to technology for church services during lockdowns

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3 thoughts on “Hong Kong: Police arrest two prominent activists under national security law”
  1. Not a peep out of Europe when the US passed the Patriot Act and 20 other similar national security laws which are much more draconian.. including detention without charge indefinitely on simply suspicions. I wonder what Europe would say if Chinese money fund “activists” to overthrow governments… it is what it is… Jimmy Lai and his sons have many unregistered companies doing money laundering, colluding foreign interference, and treason against the state. It has nothing to do with press freedom, democracy, etc. Angles Chow and many Demosisto members are basically recipient of those laundered money. When is fake news considered press freedom? Stop twisting the facts for their arrests.

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