Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

Salma Kazemi, an American who was in Kabul, Afghanistan, visiting family, describes the chaos she experienced as she escaped the besieged city.

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3 thoughts on “‘It was so scary’: American describes getting to Kabul airport after Taliban takeover”
  1. This has been the largest evacuation in history. CNN please stop the negative coverage and give credit where credit is due. Trump and Pompeo released a terrorist from prison, negotiated with him, not the Afghan government and left Biden to clean up the mess. Folks .. Give credit where credit is due.

  2. Don’t worry guys the prices were only higher to offset the cost of the evacuation.


  3. Only Biden and Kamala both highly and unbelievably incompetent can botch a withdrawal like this one. Stranded Americans, siv’s , leaving behind billions of dollars worth weaponry and military equipment for terrorists. Senile Biden and cackling Kamala hope you both disappear soon for a better future for USA. You both managed to shame and disgrace usa. I think you meant America is last (not back)

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