Fri. Sep 17th, 2021

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3 thoughts on “Italy’s migrant flights: Repatriation of Tunisian migrants resumes after suspension during lockdown”
  1. Sanity prevails. However, it’s still not the good news we need.
    eurolies are as usual terrible at reporting the whole picture.
    So far this year some 5,300 illegal economic migrant Tunisians have been smuggled into Italy from Tunisia.
    Two flights each carrying 40 people a week is 80 people. It will take 66,25 weeks, or just over 1 year, to send them all back.
    However, at the current rate of repatriations we will never catch up, as more illegal migrants are still coming, and the year isn’t over yet.
    Add to that non Tunisians who have also come here via Tunisia, they should be sent back as well as stated in the report – Tunisia is a safe country to send people too.
    The problem is further compounded when we look at the total number of illegal migrants who made it to Italy by boat this year – So far that number is 13,700.
    The 80 repatriations a week doesn’t even begin to touch those.
    It would take 3 and a half years to send those people back if, and only if, all illegal migration stopped. Which it won’t because the leftist bubbleheads still haven’t realized that this is slowly but surely ruining Europe.
    Illegal migrants from sub-Saharan Africa who come here don’t have an education, can barely speak French or English. Meanwhile there are over 14 million out-of-work europeans, most with an education and who speak multiple languages. We don’t need any more unemployed people, we have enough.
    That number will increase dramatically in the coming years as the slump in the economy caused by C19 takes it’s toll.
    If this madness is allowed to continue the leftist bubbleheads will push Europe over the cliff.

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