Fri. Sep 17th, 2021

Sky News host Chris Kenny says the extensive testing and transparent reporting in America will always expose the coronavirus more than in other countries, however for such a prosperous nation its death rate is still too high.

United States President Donald Trump claimed the country has the lowest COVID-19 mortality rate in the world, despite contributing nearly a quarter of virus-related deaths to the global figure.

The nation’s mortality rate sits at 3.8 per cent with a reported 43 deaths per 100,000 people.

“To some degree, of course, Trump is right,” Mr Kenny said.

“But while many countries are faring worse per capita, the US is still ranked about tenth for deaths per million people, at this stage”.

Image: AP

5 thoughts on “President Trump involved in ‘fascinating exchange’ with Fox News host”
  1. Absolutely want ABT….Anybody But Trump (except Kanye). It’s Mr BoneSpurs that’s made a laughing stock of the high office of President of the US so someone like Kanye thinks he should and can run.

  2. What a one-eyed report. Should have realised when it’s a Fox channel. The deliberate support of Trump was as expected. Followed by some hyperbolic responses in this comments feed. “Donald Trump is the last barrier between us and totalitarian CCP rule” Laughable. And if it was true that Trump was the last line of defence. We would be screwed! “If Americans care about their civil liberties they’ll vote Republican” Staggering irony.

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