Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

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4 thoughts on “Rising Coronavirus cases: More than 20 million global infections recorded”
  1. 20 million worldwide U.S. alone have 5 million and counting
    And this are the ones we know got tested
    How many millions more have not been tested
    Probably double of what we know

    1. First test kits were testing 80% false positive, others were contaminated with the virus. Now thanks to contact tracing numbers are once again being inflated. All deaths in the US are counted as Covid. Died of Pnomonia = Covid, died of a heart attack = Covid. Governors knowingly stuffed nursing homes with Covid patients to increase the death toll. This virus has a more than a 98.999 survival rate. FEAR. PANIC. DISPARE this is how they control you and their narrative/agenda. WWG1WGA

  2. What good is all this testing doing other than creating panic so politicians can wreck the economy and ruin people’s lives? If people have symptoms they can isolate themselves without a test. If they test negative today there is absolutely no guarantee they won’t come down with the virus tomorrow.

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