Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

The White House Press Secretary played a video so violent Fox News cut away. An ad attacking Biden warns of more mayhem. But is this just another ‘summer of the shark’?
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5 thoughts on “See why Fox News cut away from White House briefing”
  1. Portland and Seattle have to go home. They HAVE to realize their ongoing largely unbridled protests are now becoming a real threat to a Democrat victory in November. If that happens your protests will have been for nothing because nothing will change. This is what Trump and the Republicans want. Please…for now, go home.

  2. This seems like a non-story they didn’t stop airing anything other than riots in the streets I’ve seen CNN cut people and go to Commercial because they didn’t like what they were saying

  3. The Police has instigated and has always attacked the peaceful protesters and put the blame on the protesters. Look and see for yourself. All the violence have been started with the Police on the attack, not on the defense

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