Mon. Sep 27th, 2021

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has denied playing any role in picking a charity with ties to his family to manage a major government programme.

Testifying to the House of Commons, he rejected any involvement by him or his staff in the programme that has caused a huge political controversy in Canada.

Mr Trudeau is under scrutiny for failing to recuse himself from decisions around the programme.

He is being investigated by a federal ethics watchdog for failing to do so.

On Thursday, Mr Trudeau told the finance committee in Ottawa that the decision to tap WE Charity for the student volunteerism programme was made independently by the federal public service.

He says he only learned that the charity had been recommended by the public service for the programme in early May.

WE Charity had previously paid the prime minister’s mother and brother to speak at events and Mr Trudeau and his wife were involved with the organisation.

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5 thoughts on “Trudeau denies ‘preferential treatment’ in ethics scandal – BBC News”
  1. You would think a frickin representation (prime minister) of a whole country would at least comb his hair and shave that scraggly beard for an interview.

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