Mon. Sep 27th, 2021

The Trump administration is still pushing to get children back to classrooms this fall despite surging coronavirus cases. Now, the CDC has released updated guidelines on reopening schools. CBS News’ Skyler Henry joined CBSN with the latest from the White House.

5 thoughts on “Trump administration pushes to reopen schools as coronavirus cases surge”
  1. Data is faked. The media lies. Deaths are not soaring. Hospitals are empty. More testing means more cases. Covid19 is about control. Follow the money and please wake up.

  2. Schools need to reopen. I’m a single dad of an 8 year old daughter and my mom has been having to keep her during the day while I work. She wants to go back to school because she misses her friends. She does have a friend that lives in our neighborhood and they’ve still been able to play with each other so that’s kept her from being too socially isolated but virtual learning will probably make her fall behind academically. I’m not against virtual learning, I understand some kids do better with it, every child is different but I’m against virtual learning completely replacing the classroom. I understand the risks involved but I haven’t heard of many cases of Covid in young children, the bigger danger to children is influenza. My daughter had that 2 years ago, she had to stay out of school for about a week but she got better and went back to school without being afraid of getting sick so we can’t always live in fear. There’s sickness in this land but I think schools need to open back up. Life has many risks, we just have to figure out what’s worth it.

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