Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021

With less than four months to go until the US election, pollsters say President Donald Trump is now losing ground even in his former Republican strongholds. The state of Arizona hasn’t supported a Democratic candidate in decades, but now, as in many Sun Belt states, the latest polls show Joe Biden ahead. Arizona has been hit particularly hard by the coronavirus pandemic. Is COVID-19 turning Arizona into a state of never-Trumpers? DW’s US correspondent Oliver Sallet went to find out more.


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5 thoughts on “US election 2020: Could Biden take Arizona from Trump? | DW News”
  1. The interviewer is trying to get the nurse say something negative about Trump. She’s trying to stay within her area of expertise. DWs and the media bias against Trump are so obvious. They don’t even bother to hide it. Not that Trump hasn’t fed them with the bones they live on. At this point it is clear that Trump has no capacity to lead a country. I understand politicians lie and simplify things to make them palatable for the common folk but Trump is not even good at that. He should have switched from the positive “good economy, low unemployment” message to “great biological threat” mode. Fear is the greatest motivator. I just don’t understand why Republicans are so dumb to even question wearing masks let alone whether the virus is so deadly. Now the US will pass under the total control of BLM shrieking lunatics who will implement their social justice programs to make things even worse for a country that is clearly in decline.

  2. Yikes. 25% positives. Maybe it should have results faster? One to 2 weeks too late: hold it down.. it’s the lag of targeting certain parts of the population. What’s at issue is where is the transfer point of the viruses; interesting 🧐..rock and hard place. Moderate republicans. Too extreme cus the population needs the previous gen to save em.. low rates = crazy high house prices uneven country developments; as well as “foreign capital inflows and influence” ie Seattle and ccp. Right?

  3. What that woman said reminded me of a teacher back in 2016 that compared Trump to a figure of historically evil proportions (rightfully so). That same teacher got fired for that comparison. A lot of us had that same thought even while the election campaigns were going on. Very happy that so many people that voted for him are becoming disillusioned.

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