Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021

5 thoughts on “Watch Live: President Trump holds news conference”
  1. Nothing this character says suprises me. However, it’s crazy that not only him but his “family” as well doesn’t realize how flipping CRAZY he sounds!!!! Like!!! Whoa…He is a disaster!!!

  2. WEAR A MASK – SOCIAL DISTANCE AND WASH YOUR HANDS. Three simple things to stay alive and keep your family safe. It’s not Rocket Science for F@%k Sake!

  3. Viruses that have come out of China to date; China plague – Asian flu – SARS CoV – Swine flu – Avian influenza – Bird flu – H5N1 – Manchurian plague – Bubonic plague 1910 – 1912 – Hand, foot and mouth disease – Influenza A virus H7N9 – and of course COVID-19 otherwise known as Coronavirus or the China virus. Quite a track record they have, what’s next from China.

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