Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

Day one of the Democratic Party convention is over – and we now know a little more about what a virtual political event looks and feels like.

Without the passionate crowd to react to speeches, it was left to the event organisers to manufacture some energy and emotion among the audience watching at home.

Cue A-list celebrities, heart-wrenching personal stories and political speeches cut much shorter than in conventions past.

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5 thoughts on “What you missed on day one of virtual convention – BBC News”
  1. Moses and Jesus i missed Grimm fairy tales 25000 deaths per day [ W H O stat ] from pollution and 10 000 deaths perday from alcohol wasnt reported i missed mention of organic agriculture the foundation of sustainability as is waterless no flush composting toilets [[ forest soil ecology ]] i missed mention of 28137 species of medicinal plants in god s organic garden a sense of priorities better brain functioning we promise higher IQ and EQ for everybody and apologies to the Kaiser

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